How Do I Login to my Pela Earth account?

Logging into your Pela Earth account is simple! 

If you have not yet registered your account/have never logged in, you may encounter an error indicating "your password/username is incorrect". This may mean that you've not yet actually registered yet!

If you have not registered your account:

  • Please go to to set up your account
  • Make sure you set up your account with the same email address you used to purchase your Lomi. 
  • Please note you are not automatically registered for an account after you purchase, so if you have not already done so please make sure to register first!

If you have have set up and verified your account: 

*Your account will not reflect your purchase made until the main charge for your Lomi has been processed. If you only have a deposit placed, your order is still confirmed, but the purchase will show in your account 24-48 hours after the main charge is processed.

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