What is a Lomi Membership?

We offer the Lomi Membership to all our valued customers as part of your purchase. You do not need to worry about reordering the filter refills and LomiPods as we make sure you are getting them when you need them.

As noted during checkout and on the offer page on Pela Earth, the Lomi Membership is included with your purchase and is a 2 year Membership.

  • A charge of $39 USD (Not including taxes) for your LomiPods and Filter refills is processed after your Lomi ships and renews every 3 months. 
  • Each order will contain 2 bags of activated charcoal Filters and 1 packet of LomiPods (45 in each packet).

As a reminder, by maintaining your Lomi subscription, you’re accessing an extended 3 year warranty on your Lomi. If you truly wish to cancel, please be advised that your warranty will revert to a standard 1-year warranty.  Please contact our team for assistance if you wish to cancel.


If you are wondering how to replace your activated charcoal, our team can help! Watch our video here.

If you have any questions about when and how you should be using your LomiPods, we’ve created an article that answers all your questions! Read it here.

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