What are the Benefits of Adding Lomi Earth to Soil?

Lomi Earth has so many benefits for your plants! The most beneficial Lomi Earth (or Lomi dirt) is made during Grow Mode and when using a LomiPod. 

Lomi works by accelerating composting, the process by which organic matter (food waste) is decomposed into CO2, water and nutrient rich, biologically-stable soil amendment. 

Lomi does this by harnessing both physical and bio-chemical means of breaking down food waste

The addition of LomiPods help to further increase the microbial population and soil organic carbon content in soil. Microbial life in soil increases the availability of nutrients such as nitrogen to plants, allowing them to grow healthier! And, since Lomi dirt is high in organic matter, vital nutrients, and organic carbon, it has a great capacity to hold and store key nutrients in the soil. This means your nutrients won’t get washed away/lost and your plants will have access to the elements they need to grow and thrive. Lomi dirt also has a great water holding capacity which allows your plants to be more resistant to drought and decreases the need for watering.


Keep reading below for some more scientific data


Lomi’s end product has been tested using the microBIOMETER soil test kit to evaluate the microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio in the sample soil to determine its health. Microbial biomass (fungi and bacteria) is the leading indicator of soil health and is measured in ug microbial biomass C per g of soil. The results below show that the dirt from Grow mode (specifically with our additive) has the highest microbial biomass (820 ugC/g).

Soil with higher microbial biomass has improved soil structure, stores more water, has more nutrients naturally available to feed soil organisms and plants, leads to increased plant productivity, and stores more C in the soil.

Additionally, the end product from Grow mode run with a LomiPod has the highest fungi to bacteria ratio (1.27:1) and research shows that soils with higher F:B ratios are linked to higher C storage potential. 



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