What Are Some Lomi Approved Products & Packaging?


Compostable Tall Kitchen Bag
Compostable Small Bin Bag
Compostable Dinner Plates
Compostable Spoon
Compostable Assorted Utensils

Hinged Sugarcane Clamshell 8x8x3
World Art Soup Container 12oz
World Art Hot Cup 12oz
Jumbo Paper Straw Black 7.75in
Giant Paper Straw 9.5in White

Please note some of these products & packaging are only available regionally. Remember to always run a Lomi Approved cycle when you include these materials with a maximum of 10% Lomi Approved bioplastics to organic waste, and remember to add a LomiPod with 50ml of water. 


Do not add any materials that are not Lomi Approved as we cannot guarantee they’ll turn to dirt in Lomi.

More Lomi Approved products & packaging will be announced soon!

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