Why are all the lights flashing on Lomi?

When all of the lights

1. The Lid is Off
If the lid is not on Lomi when attempting to start a cycle, all lights will flash red and Lomi will beep. 

When a cycle is complete and you remove the lid from Lomi, the lights will also all flash red and Lomi will beep. 

To troubleshoot this issue: Please ensure that your lid is completely secured in place. If you have difficulties closing your lid, please follow this link to view how to align the bucket in Lomi.


2. Error

If you attempt to run Lomi and all lights flash red, but the lid is on, this could be an error with the sensors in Lomi. 

To troubleshoot this issue, please contact our customer experience team at hello@pela.earth citing your Lomi's Serial Number and include a short video of the issue if you're able to.
Be sure to contact us from your purchase email.

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