How do I Add Lomi Earth to My Plants?

Adding Lomi earth to your plants is easy! Earth from Grow mode is the best earth for your plants, especially when a LomiPod is used.

Step 1
Mix your Lomi Grow Mode earth in with your soil at a ratio of 1:10. We recommend a ratio of 1 part Lomi earth to 10 parts soil when adding Lomi earth to plants. The purpose of this is to ensure that your plants have just the right amount of healthy bacteria from the Lomi earth.

Step 2
Add your mixture of Lomi Grow Mode earth and soil to the first few inches of your plants and mix WELL. This is very important! You will want to ensure that this is well-mixed in order to properly distribute the earth and soil mixture.


Earth Tip: Lomi earth can also be sprinkled directly on grass without mixing.

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