How do I get the best dirt?

1. Run up to 3 cycles without emptying the bucket

Leaving dirt from the last cycle will improve the quality of your end product, as all those amazing microbes help with the next round of decomposition. Always add more food waste, then simply start the next cycle! Just make sure you empty Lomi after 3 cycles because too much dirt will strain the grinder.


2. Do not run Lomi with fruit waste only! Have a mix of food waste

Running a cycle with only fruit waste will create a pasty end product. Instead, aim for a mixture of fruit, vegetable, and grain waste.


3. Include "browns" (if you can)

Just like with any kind of composting, it is important to carefully balance your inputs of nitrogen rich “greens” and carbon rich “browns”. Browns tend to be dry, woody materials such as dried leaves, woodchips, shredded newspaper, cardboard. Greens tend to be colourful and slightly moist materials such as food scraps (fruits and veggies), coffee grounds, fresh leaves and flowers, green garden cuttings. To achieve the best results always add browns to your food waste. 


Suggested "browns":

  • Yard trimmings (e.g. dried leaves, twigs, straw)
  • Lomi pulp insert
  • Lomi cardboard box
  • More Lomi Approved browns coming soon!


4. Shred, cut or chop!

The size of what you add to Lomi can have a huge impact on how quickly it can turn to dirt. In particular we recommend you cut Lomi Approved materials into pieces smaller than 10cm and tuck them around the food waste in the bucket. Doing this instead of placing them on top of the food waste will prevent them from floating on top during the cycle. 


5. Avoid high humidity areas

Do not run Lomi near a humidifier, essential oil diffuser, or in direct line with the exit steam of the dishwasher. Running Lomi near or in environments with constant humidity and steam can affect performance and quality of the end product.


6. For Grow mode just add raw food waste

When running Grow mode we recommend only adding fresh fruit and vegetable scraps. The end product from oily, cooked foods or processed foods high in salt and sugar is not ideal for growing plants. The healthier the food you put in, the healthier the dirt will be for your plants! 


7. Add a LomiPod

Whenever you run a Grow or Lomi Approved cycle we strongly recommend adding a LomiPod (and 50ml of water). LomiPods are a proprietary blend of probiotics that improves the speed of degradation, reduces smell, and helps create the most nutrient-rich dirt to add to your garden or houseplants.

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