How Do I Get the Best Lomi Earth?

1. Run up to 3 cycles before emptying the bucket

Leaving Lomi earth from the last cycle will improve the quality of your end product, as all those amazing microbes help with the next round of decomposition. Always add more food waste, then simply start the next cycle! Just make sure you empty Lomi after 3 cycles.

2. Always add a diverse mix of food fresh waste

Lomi loves a diverse mix of fresh, whole foods. Try adding a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, and coffee grounds. If large quantities of one food are added to Lomi (ex. a bucket full of watermelon), the texture may be undesirable.

3. Shred, cut or chop!

The size of what you add to Lomi can have a huge impact on how quickly it can turn to Lomi earth. We recommend cutting up larger items, like broccoli stems or corn husks, to give Lomi a head start and save electricity. It's especially important to cut up Lomi Approved products and packaging.

4. Add a LomiPod

LomiPods are the secret to powerful, healthy organic fertilizer. They fortify your Lomi earth with all the microbes your plants need to optimal health. Whenever you run a Grow mode, add a LomiPod and 50ml of water.

5. Avoid high humidity areas

Do not run Lomi near a humidifier, essential oil diffuser, or in direct line with the exit steam of the dishwasher. Running Lomi near or in environments with constant humidity and steam can affect performance and quality of the end product.

5. Follow the Grow guidelines

When running Grow mode, we always recommend adding a diverse mix of fresh, whole foods. Fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, and coffee grounds are amazing additions that will support plant health. The end product from oily, cooked foods or processed foods high in salt and sugar is not ideal for growing plants. See the full list of items that we recommend for Grow mode below.

A table describing all foods that can be added to Lomi

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