How to get the best dirt from Grow mode?

When running Grow mode we recommend only adding fresh fruit and vegetable scraps, and as always, include a diverse mix. The end product from oily cooked foods or processed foods high in salt and sugar is not ideal for growing plants. The healthier the food you put in, the healthier the dirt will be for your garden! 


We also suggest running an Eco-Express cycle first. Leave the dirt from that cycle in the Lomi bucket, add more fresh food scraps, and then switch to Grow mode for your next cycle. The dirt from your previous cycle will assist in the biodegradation of the fresh waste and create an even healthier end product.  Similarly you can add more fresh food waste after a Grow mode cycle and run it again. In fact, we recommend running up to 3 cycles before emptying your Lomi bucket - better dirt and less work for you!


And don’t forget to add a LomiPod (and 50ml of water) to jump start the development of healthy microbial cultures. Your garden will thank you!

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