How do I get the best dirt from Grow mode?

Lomi's Grow mode produces nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer that is great for you plants! Lomi makes the most effective fertilizer when a diverse mix of fresh, whole foods is added.

  1. Add a diverse mix of fruit and veggie scraps to Grow mode.
    Lomi thrives on fresh fruit and vegetable scraps. Fruits and vegetables are highly compostable items, densely packed with vitamins and minerals that will nourish your plants. Egg shells and coffee grounds are also excellent additions to a Grow mode cycle! Fresh, whole foods will result in an ideal texture of Lomi dirt.
    Note that the end product from oily, cooked foods or processed foods high in salt and sugar is not ideal for growing plants. 
  2. Leave in the dirt from your last cycle!
    Lomi shrinks the volume of your food waste by 80 percent! This means you can easily leave the end product from a previous cycle in the bucket, add more fresh food scraps, and then switch to Grow mode for your next cycle. The dirt from your previous cycle will assist in the biodegradation of the fresh waste and create an even healthier end product. In fact, we recommend running up to 3 cycles before emptying your Lomi bucket - better dirt and less work for you!
  3. Add a LomiPod and Water
    Last, but not least, don’t forget to add a LomiPod and 50ml of water to jump start the development of healthy microbial cultures. LomiPods fortify dirt with microbes that are essential to plant health. Your garden will thank you!

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