My Grow Mode Dirt is Too Wet: What Do I Do?

When running Grow mode, we recommend following the Grow guidelines below, and filling Lomi with primarily fresh/uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps. As always, include a diverse mix of food waste in each cycle.

If you add a lot of high water or sugar food waste items (EG: Fruit) it will likely cause a wet result. Fruit is especially good at retaining water as they are high in sugar, so be sure to balance your fruit and vegetables!

If your dirt is wet despite adding only a mix of fresh food, you can add more fresh food waste after a Grow mode cycle and run it again.

In fact, we recommend running up to 3 cycles before emptying your Lomi bucket - better dirt and less work for you!


Grow guidelines:

A table describing all foods that can be added to Lomi

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