How Do I Clean the Bucket?

Cleaning your Lomi bucket is simple - it's even dishwasher safe!

Simply remove the bucket from Lomi, and wash by hand or use the "self-clean" method!


Steps to Clean by Hand

1. Pull out bucket out
2. Empty any remaining debris
3. Rinse the bucket under hot water and give the bucket a good scrub to remove any extra, hardened food waste material
4. Allow the bucket to dry
5. Replace the bucket into Lomi


If your bucket needs a little extra cleaning due to stubborn food waste, please follow the directions below:

Steps to "Self-Clean"

1. Add water in to your Lomi bucket to the fill line;
2. If your bucket has been removed from your Lomi, carefully place your bucket in to the Lomi;
3. Place the lid on top and lock it in to place, as you would when preparing to run a cycle
4. Run 1 Eco Express cycle*

Once your cycle is over, allow the Lomi to cool down for a few minutes and then open the lid. Your Lomi should have steam cleaned any residual waste off of the bucket and all your bucket needs now is a quick rinse! 


*Important: DO NOT open the lid while Lomi is self cleaning as the steam from the unit can cause harm.

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