What are the Different Types of Lomi Earth?

Lomi has three distinct modes, all of which are designed to produce a distinct end result.

Grow mode produces nutrient rich organic fertilizer, perfect for your houseplants, garden, or lawn. When run with a LomiPod, the end result is packed with vital microbes to support plant health. Grow more fertilizer can be mixed in a 1:10 ratio (Lomi earth:soil) and added to potted plants or gardens. It can also be sprinkled on your lawn.

Eco Express is the most time and energy efficient mode, creating earth high in organic matter. Eco Express earth can always be added to home compost or your Green bin. If the Grow mode guidelines are followed for what is added to Lomi, Eco Express earth can be mixed in a 1:10 ratio with soil and added to plants.

Lomi Approved Mode is designed to break down Lomi Approved products and packaging. Lomi Approved earth may have small flecks of bioplastic in it – that’s normal! While Lomi Approved products are compostable, they cannot be added to plants as they need to finish their breakdown in a natural composting environment. For this reason, Lomi Approved earth should be added to your Green bin.

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