What Do I Do if Lomi's Bucket Won't Align?

To fix this:

1. Remove bucket from Lomi and ensure that the contents of Lomi are completely emptied from the bucket
2. Place the empty bucket into Lomi, lining up the arrows.
3. Slightly lift the bucket until you hear a click.
4. GENTLY push counter-clockwise on the grinder in Lomi.
At this step you should notice that the bucket is being pushed up ever so slightly. This is due to the coupling on the bottom of the bucket realigning with its counterpart component below it.
5. Once the bucket has been realigned, you should be able to place the lid back onto Lomi and lock it in place without resistance.
If you come up against resistance, please do not continue trying to lock the lid as you may risk damaging the tabs on the lid.

Alternatively, you can try turning the coupling component on the bottom of Lomi to realign.

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