What Can I Add to Lomi?

Lomi loves all sorts of food waste and Lomi Approved products. It can even break down some organic waste that traditional compost cannot!

For the best results, always add a diverse mix of foods and cut up larger pieces of food scraps or packaging before adding them to Lomi.

You’ll notice below that some foods are acceptable for Eco-Express and Lomi Approved mode, but not Grow mode – this is because the natural fertilizer from Grow mode is tailored to be used in plants or your garden. Additionally, Lomi Approved products and packaging should be added only to Lomi Approved mode.

Let’s dive into each type of food waste, examples, and the Lomi mode for which they can be added!


Items that are Always Safe for Lomi


Items that Should Not be Added to Grow Mode


What Can Go in Lomi in a Limited Amount?


What Can Never Go in Lomi?


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