Lomi Pods

What are the Additives (Lomi Pods) and What do they do?

They are a proprietary blend of probiotics that improves the speed of degradation, the reduction of smell, and most importantly help to create the most healthy output to add to your gardens/lawn/planters.

Are Lomi Pods Safe to Eat?

Lomi Pods are not for human or animal consumption. Please keep them out of reach of children and pets, and avoid contact with eyes.


Do Lomi Pods Have a Shelf Life?

Make sure to store Lomi Pods in a cool, dry place and avoid humidity as you would any other tablet. Stored properly, Lomi Pods will last three years. Remember to keep out of reach of pets and kids.


What are the Benefits of Using a Lomi Pod?

Using Lomi Pod allows you to get the most nutrient-rich and microbially dense end product which is the ‘healthiest’ version for your garden and plants. Lomi Pod also helps give you the best outcome when running a cycle with Lomi Approved bioplastics.


When Is the Most Important Time to Use Lomi Pod? How Many Should You Use?

It is always good to use Lomi Pods, but it is especially important when running a cycle with bioplastics (Lomi approved mode) or when planning to use the end product in your garden or plants (Grow mode).


Should a Lomi Pod be Added on Top of the Food Waste or in the Bucket First? Does it Make a Difference?

We highly recommend adding a Lomi Pod on top of food waste followed by pouring 50 ml water on the tablet to dissolve it over the waste. You may notice some bubbles as you pour water while it dissolves, this is normal! 


How do I use a Lomi Pod?

Good news, Lomi Pods are very easy to use! Simply add a Lomi Pod on top of your food waste/bioplastics in the Lomi bucket. Measure out about 50mL of water and add this over the pod. You are now ready to start your cycle.


Do I Need to Add a Lomi Pod to Every Cycle?

Whenever you run a Grow or Lomi Approved cycle, we strongly recommend adding a Lomi Pod (and 50ml of water).



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