Lomi Filters

Can I Purchase Replacement Filters?

Our filters are REFILLABLE (Yay no waste!) and the refills are available on our website and from other retailers. Should the housing for your refill break, they will be available for purchase as well.

Please note: if you purchase filters from elsewhere/are not a Lomi Subscription member, your warranty will default to a standard 1-year warranty.


What is the Benefit of Lomi Filters?

They are changeable and compostable in Lomi! Over time, the gaseous pollutants, odours, and VOCs increasingly fill up the adsorption sites of the activated carbon. Once saturated, the filter can no longer trap pollutants and Lomi’s change filter light will turn on to remind you to change out your filters. When the activated carbon in your filters is ready to be changed, simply throw this used activated carbon in a Lomi cycle with your food waste and pour new activated carbon in your filters. Our Engineering team has conducted tons of tests to ensure the quality of the air coming through our filters is well within the permissible limits for clean breathable air. 


What is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is charcoal! This is a carbon-rich solid that is derived from biomass. Pela’s activated carbon has millions of tiny pores in the activated carbon that increase the total surface area, therefore allowing more gases to be captured. The greater the surface area the greater the adsorption capability of the activated carbon. Essentially, it works like a sponge that can absorb and trap gaseous molecules.

In comparison to the other filter options available in the market (eg. HEPA or UV), activated carbon filters may not be as efficient because they don’t have a glass fibre filter. But Lomi filters have been designed to ensure it is one of the most environmentally sustainable options and accounts for the least amount of waste.


What do Lomi Filters do?

Lomi filters use activated carbon to trap moist air, remove gases from circulation and reduce unpleasant smells. They are designed to filter out odours, pollutants, and hydrocarbons such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air via adsorption (ad-sorption not ab-sorption).
Adsorption is a distinct process whereby compounds in the air react chemically with the activated carbon and adhere to this solid material’s surface. This causes the compounds to be trapped in the filters (stuck to the carbon) instead of released into the surrounding air.
The Lomi filters also absorb moisture and therefore decrease the amount of condensation that would otherwise occur on surfaces behind/beside Lomi’s exit airflow. All in all, the Lomi filters ensure that the air coming out of your Lomi is less smelly, purified, and safe.


What are Lomi Filters?

Lomi filters are a proprietary dual activated-carbon filtration system. Lomi has 2 filter cages designed and placed in series to maximize the efficiency of filtration.


I’ve changed the filter but the notification light remains on?

You’ll just need to reset your Lomi (hold the button for 10+ seconds) and the light will turn off.


How often do I need change the filter?

Based on our testing filters should be changed every 3-6 Months. There is a filter replacement light that will turn on when it's time to refill your refillable filter. 
By subscribing to our Lomi Pod and Filter membership, you can automatically be shipped replacements every 3-months automatically, no need for a reminder! 

To purchase a membership, visit this link here: https://meetlomi.com/products/single-pack-of-pods-filters 
To find out if you're already a subscriber, or to review your account, check your Pela Earth account here:

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