How Does Lomi Work?

Lomi might seem like magic, but it is powered by nuanced engineering and biological sciences.

Lomi works by accelerating composting, the process by which organic matter (food waste) is decomposed into CO2, water and nutrient rich, biologically-stable soil amendment. 

Lomi does this by harnessing both physical and bio-chemical means of breaking down food waste

Lomi has three preset programs (Eco-Express, Lomi Approved, and Grow Mode) and each one goes through three different stages.


Lomi’s first two stages (heating and grinding) happen simultaneously. Smaller food pieces are easier to break down than larger ones, since increased aeration and surface area make it easier for microorganisms to break down the waste.

The last stage is an alternating heating and cooling cycle that creates an optimal environment to break down food.


The various sensors in Lomi measure moisture content and temperature while the ventilation system works to provide continuous airflow. The resulting effect is the optimal conditions needed to kick-start the natural decomposition process. Each mode (Eco-Express, Grow, and Lomi Approved) completes this at varying time intervals.


Did You Know: The three main stages of traditional composting are the mesophilic (moderate-temperature) phase, the thermophilic, (high-temperature phase), and finally, a cooling phase. Normally, these phases can take several months to complete, but Lomi completes them in just a few hours!

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