How Long Does it Take to Turn Food Waste in to Lomi Earth?

Lomi breaks down food waste into nutrient rich fertilizer in 3 to 20 hours. The time Lomi takes to complete its process depends on which cycle you choose and what’s in your Lomi!
Eco-Express mode is the fastest way to get your Lomi earth, while Grow mode takes longer to create the best fertilizer for your plants.

Eco Express mode takes 3-8 hours.
This is the perfect way to start the decomposition process. The waste shrinks considerably, and is perfect for adding to your compost or green bin.

Grow mode takes 12-20 hours.
By the end of this cycle, you’ll have a nutrient rich organic fertilizer that is ready to be mixed into soil (1:10 ratio) and added to houseplants, gardens, or even your lawn.

Lomi Approved mode takes 8-12 hours.
This is one of Lomi’s special features – Unlike other composting methods, Lomi can break down Lomi Approved products and packaging (such as bioplastics) into Lomi earth that can then be placed in your green bin.

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