What is the Lomi Warranty?

Lomi comes with a standard 1-year warranty/ 1-year Happiness Guarantee.

The Warranty applies should your Lomi have a manufacturing defect in the product material or workmanship within the stated Warranty period. The warranty is non-transferable and proof of purchase is required to claim.


Please follow this link for full warranty details:



Please note: The warranty will be rendered null and void in the following circumstances, as stated therein:

  1. Products requiring maintenance or replacement due to normal wear and tear, rust, stain, corrosion, age or Products damaged due to any improper or discouraged use, mishandling, negligence, excessive wear and tear, including damages caused by maintaining, operating or using the Product in a manner not consistent with, not in accordance with, or not contemplated by the instruction manual provided by Pela with the Product, or by otherwise failing to follow operating, care, safety, or cleaning instructions contained therein;
  2. Products where the product number, model or serial number has been removed, replaced, altered or rendered illegible;
  3. Products which have been altered, modified and repaired in any way not expressly authorized in the instruction manual provided by Pela with the Product or by any party not authorized by Pela as an authorized Product service facility;
  4. LCD or other read-out displays on Products attributable to non-manufacturer defects such as mishandling during transportation, drops, spills, submersion or exposure to extreme temperature or pressure;
  5. Cosmetic damages (examples include, but are not limited to, scratches, imprint/water marks, cracks and dents, stains, etc.);
  6. Products that have been damaged directly or indirectly from the use of any third-party product that has not been expressly approved by Pela for use with the Product;
  7. Products damaged as a result of acts of nature e.g. fire, flood, or lightning;
  8. Products damaged as a result of connection to irregular current or voltage sources, or use with any electric or other current or voltage other than that marked on the Product, or in any instruction manual provided by Pela with the product;
  9. Products not purchased from Pela or through a Pela authorized reseller or partner (for example, purchases from non-authorized sellers online, at auction, private sale, or otherwise, such as, without limitation, eBay® and other independent e-commerce sites not authorized by Pela);
  10. Products shipped by the Purchaser to Pela without using a Pela-approved shipping label which are subsequently lost, mis-delivered or damaged in transit;
  11. Products for which a Reimbursement has been provided as a final remedy to a Warranty claim.



*Lomis purchased during the Indiegogo campaign from 2021 are subject to the extended 3-year warranty.

Note that with updates to new purchasing customers with active membership qualify for the extended warranty linked here: Lomi Active Membership Extended Lifetime Warranty .

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