How does Lomi convert food scraps into dirt in Eco-Express and Grow mode?

Lomi might seem like magic, but it is powered by nuanced engineering and biological sciences.

Lomi accelerates the composting process by using heat and abrasion to break down food waste and Lomi Approved products and packaging. Lomi cycles are a multi-step process within a small machine, designed to mimic natural composting at every stage.

The sensors in Lomi ensure proper moisture content, warm temperatures, and plenty of oxygen to create the optimum conditions to kick-start the natural decomposition process. The different Lomi modes (Eco-Express, Grow, and Lomi Approved) all do this at varying speeds.

Grow mode is the longest cycle as it operates at the lowest heat to conserve microbes and more patiently break down organic matter. This creates nutrient-dense, organic fertilizer, perfect to be added to your houseplants, garden, or lawn!


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