How does Lomi break down kitchen waste and Lomi Approved products and packaging?

Lomi might seem like magic, but it is powered by nuanced engineering and biological sciences. Lomi accelerates the composting process by using heat and abrasion to break down food waste and Lomi Approved products and packaging. Lomi cycles are a multi-step process within a small machine, designed to mimic natural composting at every stage.

Lomi’s first stage is grinding. Smaller food pieces are easier to break down than larger pieces since increased aeration and surface area make it easier for microorganisms to break down the waste. After this, Lomi lets nature do the work. A heating and cooling cycle creates an optimal environment to break down food.

The sensors in Lomi ensure proper moisture content, warm temperatures, and plenty of oxygen to create the optimum conditions to kick-start the natural decomposition process. Different Lomi modes—Eco-Express, Grow, and Lomi Approved–all do this at varying speeds.


Did You Know: The three main stages of composting are the mesophilic (moderate-temperature) phase, the thermophilic, (high-temperature phase), and finally, a cooling phase. Normally, these phases can take several months to complete, but Lomi completes them in just a few hours!

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