Is Lomi carbon neutral?

Yes! Lomi is Climate Neutral certified, meaning everything from manufacturing to shipping is carbon neutral. We also pride ourselves on being a B Corp, certified at the highest level of social and environmental responsibility.

Once Lomi arrives at your doorstep, the environmental benefits continue to roll in. Lomi reduces the carbon footprint of your food waste by up to 127%! When food waste goes to landfill, it produces methane, a greenhouse gas with 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide. With Lomi, food waste undergoes aerobic break down (in the presence of oxygen), meaning methane isn't produced. Then, when Lomi fertilizer is used in plants, carbon is sequestered in soil and plant matter.

At its end of life, we actually have an amazing program that we put a lot of our refurbished units into called Learn with Lomi Program!

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