What is Lomi Earth and What Can I do With It?

Lomi's end product is known as "dirt" or "earth" and is a natural fertilizer that is high in nutrients and organic matter, making it excellent for your plants and garden! If a LomiPod is used, Lomi dirt will be fortified with all the beneficial microbes your plants need for optimal health.

Lomi dirt can be added to your houseplants, garden, or lawn! Simply mix Lomi dirt in a 1:10 ratio with soil to feed your plants. Lomi dirt can be sprinkled on your lawn without mixing into other soil or it can be added to your potting soil and "cured". Curing your soil is a really effective way to redistribute all those helpful microorganisms and nutrients to your plants


Looking for other ideas of what to do with Lomi dirt? The possibilities of this powerful fertilizer are virtually endless! Check out some ideas here.

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