Can I Stop Lomi During a Cycle?

Yes! You can pause or stop a cycle at anytime.

To pause a cycle, simply quick press the main power button (the One Button) on Lomi. Once you've paused the cycle, the One Button will flash blue. To start that cycle up again, simply press the One Button again! 


CAUTION: If you remove the lid while a cycle is running, this will stop the cycle completely. Taking the lid off while a cycle is running can be dangerous as there may be excessive steam released when the lid is removed.

Please avoid opening the lid during a cycle. This will fully reset your cycle - it does not continue from mid-cycle. Once restarted, the full cycle might take a shorter time as the waste is partially-processed.

CAUTION: The bucket and contents of the Lomi may also be very hot.

To restart a cycle, replace the lid and lock in place, then press the One Button.


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