What Do I Do if Lomi is Making Lots of Noise?

While running, Lomi will make some minimal noises. When it has bigger material or harder bioplastic there may be an occasional grinding noise. If there is a loud constant grinding noise something is likely stuck.

  • Turn Lomi off.
  • Allow it to cool for 30 minutes.
  • Remove the obstruction.
  • If possible add more organic waste when you restart it to ensure a smoother cycle.


A noise that may occur if you often add coffee grounds or eggshells is a higher-pitched "creaking" noise - don't worry though! This noise is simply the coffee grounds, eggshell, or other hardened material that's gotten itself stuck in a certain spot in the bucket. 

To prevent this noise, or others, from recurring, please rinse your bucket well after you've added coffee grounds or other small hard material.

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