What Do I Do if Lomi is Making Excessive Noise?

Lomi is a quiet machine, however, while running, it will make some minimal noises.

When larger material or harder bioplastic is added to a Lomi cycle, there may be an occasional squeaking or grinding noise.


If you often add coffee grounds or eggshells, a higher-pitched "creaking" noise might occur — don't worry! This noise is simply the coffee grounds, eggshell, or other hardened material that's gotten stuck in a certain spot in the bucket. 

To prevent this noise, or others, from recurring, please rinse your bucket well after you've added coffee grounds or other small hard material.


If you are experiencing an abnormally loud noise that will not stop, please contact our Customer Support team with a video of the issue so that they can assess the issue for you and provide solutions. 

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