How do I Select a Mode?



Lomi can be controlled from a single button. When Lomi starts, it will default to Eco Express mode. 


To change this or any mode:

1. Press the main button for 3 seconds

2. Lift your finger for 1-2 seconds.

*These two steps will allow you to select the next mode (Eg: If you are already on Eco Express, the steps above will allow you to select Lomi Approve mode.)

*To continue on to select a different mode, repeat steps 1 and 2.
(Eg: If you are on Lomi Approved after following the above steps, repeat steps 1 and 2 to select Grow mode.)


You will know you have switched to a different mode when the green light moves over to the next icon and Lomi beeps once.

    • Once your desired mode is selected, press the main button for 1 second to start the cycle, the button will light blue. 
    • As the mode goes through its various cycles (drying, mixing, cooling), these lights will illuminate green. 
    • When the cycle is complete, the main button light will turn green and all the cycle lights will also be green.


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