Can I Add More Food Waste into Lomi While it's Running?

Once Lomi starts working its magic, it's best to let it continue!


We don't recommend that you add to Lomi while it's running. During a cycle and just after a cycle completes, the bucket and contents of your Lomi will be hot and may emit excess steam, so be careful!

If you've forgotten something, however, and you're not too far in to your cycle you can "pause" your Lomi cycle with a quick press of the One button (power button). You'll notice that the power light flashes blue when paused.

Once that light is flashing blue, please allow a few minutes for Lomi to cool down. Once cooled, you can remove the lid, add what you need to, replace the lid, and then run the unit with another quick press of that One button.


Please note: if pausing mid-cycle, the food waste you add in may not come out fully broken down because it hasn't had enough time to be broken down.

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