How do I change my Lomi Filters?

The good news is that Lomi makes this super easy!

Replacing the carbon granules in Lomi’s filter cages keeps Lomi odour free and helps keep your home smelling fresh.

When the filters within Lomi are ready to be changed, the "change filter light" will illuminate, on the far right side of the main button on Lomi. This light will turn on every 3-6 months, depending on usage.

To change either of the filters, follow these simple steps!



***Always unplug the unit before replacing the filters’ activated carbon***

Back Filter

  1. Open the back panel of the unit and remove the rectangular filter box. 
  2. Twist the wing nuts off to open the filter box and dispose of the used activated carbon.
  3. Pour the new activated carbon into the filter box.
  4. Twist the wing nuts back on and place the rectangular filter box back in the unit. 
  5. Shut the back panel of the unit. 

Top Filter

  1. Open the lid, remove the cylindrical filter, and twist off the top.
  2. Dispose of the used activated carbon and pour the new activated carbon into the cylindrical filter.
  3. Twist the top back on and insert the cylindrical filter back into Lomi. 

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