Lomi Modes

Lomi has three different modes, giving you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs


Eco-Express: This mode is meant for general cooked or raw food waste and is the best mode for those wanting the fastest result and lowest energy consumption. This mode takes 3-5 hours to complete. You can add this to your green-bin (if your community has this program), or you can add it to the next cycle that you run with Lomi! 

Lomi Approved: This mode is meant for food waste, bioplastics and Lomi Approved packaging and products. We recommend a ratio of 1:10 bioplastics to food waste and to make sure that you use a LomiPod when running this mode. 5-8 hours

Grow Mode: This mode is meant only for fruit and vegetable waste and cannot process bioplastics or processed/cooked foods.
This mode runs at a low heat setting to preserve the microorganisms that are beneficial in creating nutrient rich dirt. Be sure to add a LomiPod when running this mode for best results. 16-20 hours.



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