Lomi Membership

The Lomi Membership has lots of perks associated with it - who doesn't love perks??
Not only does it take away the hassle of guessing when your filters should be replaced, it's customizable too!

  • Essential Supplies: Automatic shipments of Lomi Filters (crucial for optimal performance and odour control) and LomiPods (enhancing the breakdown process and enriching output).
  • Lifetime Warranty: Rest easy knowing your Lomi is covered.
  • Upgrade Opportunity: Receive the newest Lomi model after your 12th order.
  • Flexible Schedule: Tailor refill frequencies to perfectly match your lifestyle.
  • Rewards: Earn 300 Lomi Rewards every time you receive your shipment of Pods & Filters.

HEADSET (2).png  Lil Lomi Tips 

You can add LomiPods into any cycle
Lomi Filters are required to optimize airflow and neutralize odours


To manage your membership or recurring charge, login to your account and select "manage subscriptions".
If you haven't yet created an account, you can do so here!

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