Lomi Bloom Connectivity Troubleshooting - WiFi and/or Bluetooth

Step 1: Confirm Connection

You can confirm you're connected by checking the following:

- The WiFi is turned on on your device: a sold blue light above the WiFi icon

- The Bluetooth setting on your phone is set to "on"


If you believe that all of the above information is setup properly on your end or you are encountering an issue with one of the above listed items, please provide a screenshot of the issue for our team to review.

If issue unresolved, proceed to Step 2


Step 2: Update Firmware

If Step 1 is complete and you aren't encountering any issues with connectivity, please allow your Lomi to enter standby mode so that we can verify that the firmware has been updated with any necessary patches.


1. Ensure your Lomi is connected to wifi.

2. Allow you Lomi to enter standby mode. You can enter standby mode by following these steps

- Ensure your Lomi sits in standby mode for at least 30 mins.

3. You'll know your Lomi has updated to the latest version of our firmware when you hear a beep.

If issue unresolved, proceed to Step 3


Step 3: Hard Reset/Factory Reset
If Steps 1 & 2 are followed and you are still encountering issues, please complete a hard reset of your unit. This will return your Lomi to its factory settings but will not remove your Rewards points:

1. Press and hold the main button for 30 seconds - until all the lights on the interface are illuminated

2. Remove your finger from the button

3. You will notice that the WiFi light on your Lomi is now flashing

4. Your Lomi is now ready to be paired again.


After you've re-paired your unit, please try running your unit normally.

If issue unresolved, proceed to Step 4


Step 4: Remove & Re-pair your Lomi
**Your Reward points will not be affected during this process

To Remove your Lomi: Open or login to your Lomi App > navigate to "Menu" > Select "My Lomi Details" > Select "Remove this Lomi from your app" > Select "Yes, remove Lomi".

To pair your Lomi again, simply follow the original pairing steps and setup your Lomi by following the steps in app. Once completed, your Lomi will be re-paired. 


If your issue is unresolved, please submit a support form here with the information in the form.

If you have already contacted support and are required to contact them again, please follow the instructions outlined in your communication and reply to your communication thread.


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