How to reconnect/reset Lomi Bloom

Step 1: Perform a Hard Reset

  • Press and hold your Lomi's main button for 30 seconds
  • You'll know that the 30 seconds has elapsed when all of the lights on the button interface light up
  • You can then remove your finger
  • You'll notice that the WiFi light is now flashing

Step 2: Remove your Lomi Bloom from the App

  • In your Lomi app, from the icons at the bottom of your screen, select "Menu"
  • Once in "Menu", select "My Lomi Details"
  • At the bottom of that screen select "Remove this Lomi from your app"
  • Confirm the removal

Step 3: Re-add your Lomi Bloom

  • Follow the same steps as you had when you first added your Lomi. 
    • You can find those steps listed here.

*Lomi Tip: have your new network name and/or new WiFi password handy for a faster setup!


Once all three steps have been followed, your Lomi will be re-added and all of your points from before will be listed!


If you have any concerns of questions, please contact our support team for additional help and provide a screenshot of your issue.

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