WiFi Connection Steps: Lomi Bloom

Lomi Bloom is WiFi and Bluetooth capable, meaning that there's a couple extra steps involved in pairing it with your Apple or Android device.

Our app walks you through the initial connection process, but if you need a refresher, you can refer to these steps.


Initial WiFi Connection Steps

  • Ensure that the phone, tablet or iPad has WiFi capabilities turned on
  • Have the network name and password available or nearby

1. Once in the app, Wifi connection is the second step to be completed.

- Select the WiFi network you would like to connect to
- Rename your WiFi network (if you wish) 
- Enter the password for that network
- Select “Submit”

If all credentials were accurate/correct, you should now be connected to WiFi.


Troubleshooting Tips

  • During the initial setup, the WiFi light will be blinking on the Lomi.
  • Once connected, the blue light will become solid, indicating successful connection/pairing.
  • If, after an hour there is no successful connection, the WiFi will remain off. 
    • To turn WiFi on manually, quick-press the button 5 times. After the Lomi is connected to WiFi, the WiFi light will remain on.
  • If a Lomi loses WiFi connection, the WiFi light will flash blue to indicate it is trying to reconnect. If Lomi cannot successfully reconnect after 10 minutes, the light will flash red.
  • This can be fixed by pressing the button 5 times to reset the WiFi.

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