Lomi Rewards: How to Redeem Points

Redeeming your Rewards points is easy! You can redeem your points for tonnes of great products and discounts.

To find out what you can use your points towards, check this out.


To Redeem

  1. Head over to Lomi.com/rewards and login to your account. 
  2. Scroll down the page until you see our carousel of items to redeem
  3. Select an item equal to or below your current points total.


General Info

  • Any "greyed-out" items indicate that you don’t have quite enough points to redeem yet. Continue earning points to activate even more Rewards!

  • Physical products require you to complete a checkout process to provide a shipping address.
  • Discount codes and gift card codes are delivered directly on the page. 
  • Forgot to hit copy on that discount code? Don't worry we email you a copy of the code as well!

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