Lomi Bloom: Ventilation Issue Detected

Ventilation Issue

If you have a "Ventilation Issue" notification on your phone this could mean that there is a problem with the ventilation chamber or the fan.

Some variables that may affect the ability for Lomi to vent steam properly are:

- Lomi is being run in an area with closed or poor ventilation

- Charcoal has been changed recently and some has fallen into the fan blades

- The fan has encountered a connection error


Please troubleshoot this by following the steps below: 

1. Perform a soft reset (hold the one button for 10 seconds to clear the error)
2. Remove the lid from Lomi
3. Place the lid back on Lomi

Once complete, please attempt running any cycle to ensure the error light does not repeat. 

If the error light repeats, please submit a request for assistance from Customer Experience for additional support.

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