Lomi Bloom: Motor Issue/ Grinder Issue Detected

Motor/Grinder Issue


If you have a "Motor Issue" or a "Grinder Issue" notification on your phone this could mean that there is a jam in your bucket.

Your first step to troubleshoot this will be to unplug your Lomi and unsure that the unit and bucket have cooled down for at least 5 minutes.

One cooled down, please follow these steps:

1. Remove the lid and set aside;
2. Remove the bucket(Caution the bucket and handle could still be very HOT!) and place on a flat, stable surface;
3. Look for any obvious or large blockages in the bucket, specifically by the blades and "L" shaped bracket;
4. Carefully place your hand inside the bucket(Caution things could still be very HOT!) and ensure that there's nothing stuck under the bracket;
5. If no blockages appear, please empty any loose contents in the bucket into a bowl, temporarily;
6. Follow these steps to run a cleaning cycle. 


Once your cleaning cycle has completed, wait for the Lomi to cool down (~5mins) and then remove the lid. Check for any remaining blockages or obvious food waste.

Place the bucket back in the unit and, without adding the food back in, attempt running an Eco Express mode for ~1 minute .

If the Lomi runs with no errors, please add the food waste back into the bucket and run your desired cycle.

If the Lomi encounters an error again, please submit a request to Customer Experience for assistance.


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