Pairing a Lomi to Your App

Pairing your Lomi Bloom with your Lomi app is the best way to earn Rewards and to track your waste-reducing journey!

To Pair

1. Make sure that you know your WiFi network name and password or have that information close by

2. Turn your phone’s bluetooth function on

3. Open your Lomi app and login (if you haven’t created an account yet, this is a great time to do that!)

4. Once logged in, select “add a Lomi” from the top left menu

5. Select “Lomi Bloom”

6. Read our privacy policy and then select the box next to “I understand”.

7. Confirm by selecting “I’ve read and accepted the terms”.

8. Select “Connect your Lomi”

9. Choose your Lomi from the list of Available Devices. Your Lomi will be listed in the format of LOMI_ABC12345678.

10. Select your device

11. Select your WiFi network

12. Enter the password

13. "Allow" Notification settings




Your Lomi Bloom is now set up.

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