Lomi Account: Logging In

Now, with our updated Lomi App, you're able to login to your account on both our App on your iOS phone as well as online here!

If you haven't downloaded our app, you can do so in the Apple App Store at anytime. If you've already registered an account online, via a web browser, the details that you used in the past to login to your account from your browser will work in our app.


Lomi Classic and Bloom Account Registration

Lomi Account Registration is now all done through our Lomi app now!When you login or create an account in the Lomi App, you are asked to either "add your first Lomi" if you are new to the app, or you can open the drop down menu where your existing Lomi is listed and "Add a Lomi".


When adding Lomi Classic, you will be asked to add the serial number for your Lomi Classic and to give it a nickname.

When adding Lomi Bloom, you won't be asked for your Lomi's serial number, because the bluetooth device name when pairing shows the serial number in the name! Once you've completed all 4 steps to setting up your Lomi your Lomi Bloom will be registered.


Keep in mind that, currently, our app restricts activity in two places at once.
If you login to the app and have an open account on your computer, laptop, or iPad, it will end your older session in favour of the newer session on your phone.


Note: You no longer need to register your device online in a browser. All of this will be done in our app!

If you run into any issues with this, please contact our Customer Experience team.

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