Can I Add Corn to Lomi Bloom?

To ensure you have the best experience possible with your Lomi, we recommend excluding hard objects, such as fruit pits or corncobs from your Lomi.
However, corncobs can be added in limited quantities when cut into smaller pieces. We recommend running Eco Express to process these.

Corn husks are fine, but in limited quantities and must be cut up into smaller pieces.
Please note: Corn husks are incredibly fibrous and durable and do tend to take longer to break down.

If your Lomi grinder becomes jammed, it may be due to hard pieces of food waste getting stuck, you will see a red light appear under the “mixing” phase light.
If your Lomi has experienced a grinder jam, ensure this is removed from your bucket before starting another cycle..

When any error occurs the cycle will automatically cancel itself. To clear this error, please review this FAQ link on the “Mixing Light Error: Grinder Jam”

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