What Should I Do With My Lomi Earth?

Depending on which Mode you choose, there are various options for your Lomi Earth.

Lomi Earth from the Eco-Express mode can also be used on your lawn & garden. Just remember the healthier/fresher the input, the better it is for your plants. You can also add this to your home compost or local compost collection bin.

Lomi Approved
Add Lomi Earth from Lomi Approved mode to your local compost collection bin.

Grow Mode
This mode creates the most nutrient-rich Lomi Earthuse this in your garden & houseplants, mixed with soil at a 1:10 ratio. You can also scatter it directly on your lawn. Remember to only add fresh fruits and vegetables to your bucket during Grow mode.
Do not add meat, dairy, cooked food, or bioplastics. This is to ensure that you have the most nutrient-rich Lomi Earth to keep your plants, lawn, and garden healthy!

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