Lomi Rewards: How Does Lomi Rewards Work?

In THREE easy steps, you can get Rewarded for using Lomi! 


Step 1: Create a Pela Earth Account

An account* can be made either in the app or the online store. You are not automatically signed up for an account when you purchase a unit, so be sure to do this!

Step 2: Earn

Sign up for subscriptions, refer friends and family, or if you bought a Lomi Bloom for yourself, start running cycles.

Step 3: Redeem

Redeem your points for FREE products. Choose from our free Lomi products or claim free products from our Rewards Partners!


To learn how to earn points, click here.


Keep in mind that, currently, Rewards are limited to customers located in the US or Canada. As we develop our Rewards program and get even more amazing partners, we’re hoping to expand to other locations.


*You’ll want to use the same email that you did at the time of purchase (EG: You purchased with jane.doe@domain.com, use that same email to create your account).

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