Changing Filters

Lomi filters use activated charcoal to remove gases and compounds from circulation and are pivotal in reducing any unpleasant smells coming from your Lomi while it’s running.

To keep your Lomi running smoothly, refill both Lomi filters with new activated charcoal about every 3 months. Note that charcoal can be messy, so we suggest clearing a space next to Lomi to fill the filters. Keep a damp cloth nearby for cleanup!


When it is time to change your Lomi's filters, the 'Cleaning Cycle' light will illuminate with a red light. Once the filters are changed, press and hold the button for 10 seconds to clear the alert.


How to Change your Filters
Back Filter
- Open the Back panel of the unit and remove the rectangular filter box.
- Slide the lid off the filter cage and pour the activated charcoal in. Fill to the max fill line - there will be charcoal left over for the second filter.
- Once the activated charcoal has been added, slide the lid back on and place the filter cage back into the unit.
- Replace the back ventilation panel, so that it snaps shut.

Top Filter
- Open Lomi’s lid and set aside.
- Remove the cylindrical filter and twist the top off
- Pour in the remaining activated charcoal to the max fill line.
- Once the charcoal has been poured in, twist the top in to place on the top of the filter and reinsert into the Lomi."



- To ensure your Lomi remains odour free, check out our options for Lomi Filter subscriptions!

- The option to receive recurring shipments is flexible and can be modified based on how frequently you run your Lomi and what works best for you!

- Used/old Lomi filters can be added to any soil you may have at a ratio of 1:10.

- Lomi filters are compostable, so do not put them in your waste bin.

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