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You have taken a big step forward in creating a waste-free future by purchasing a Lomi! Once you receive your Lomi, your next step is to setup the unit.

We recommend setting up your Lomi App as soon as you've completed your setup so that you can start earning Rewards and tracking your waste-free impact!


Feel free to review these instructions before your Lomi arrives.

To Setup Your Lomi Bloom
1. Unpack your Lomi and place it on a flat, dry, stable surface.
2. Open the box of activated charcoal. The bag of charcoal is best used when the top corner on one or the other side of the bag is cut. After cutting one corner, please remove the bag.
If you don’t want to handle the bag, there is a pour spout on the right side of the box to make it easier for you, but it is not necessary to use if you don’t wish to.
3. Install Lomi’s refillable filters to prevent odors.

Back Filter
- Open the back panel of the unit and remove the rectangular filter box.
- Slide the lid off the filter cage and pour the activated charcoal in. Fill to the max fill line - there will be charcoal left over for the second filter.
- Once the activated charcoal has been added, slide the lid back on and place the filter cage back into the unit.
- Replace the back ventilation panel, so that it snaps shut.
Top Filter
- Open Lomi’s lid and set aside.
- Remove the cylindrical filter and twist the top off
- Pour in the remaining activated charcoal to the max fill line.
- Once the charcoal has been poured in, twist the top in to place on the top of the filter and reinsert into the Lomi.

Note: the activated charcoal is naturally dusty, so be sure to have a wet cloth ready for clean up once you are finished.

4. Plug Lomi in and your unit is ready for use!


Your next and final step is to connect to the Lomi app to complete your setup. You can find instructions on connecting to the app here.
Use the Lomi app to register your Lomi, learn all about how to operate your Lomi, track your impact, and earn rewards!

Note: Currently we only have our Lomi app available for iOS at this time.

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