Wet Lomi Earth

Lomi Bloom and Lomi Classic are able to process a large variety of different food waste to help you reduce the amount of food waste that end up in landfills.
However, it’s important to note that Lomi runs most effectively and at its best when you’re adding in an array of different food waste items.

If your cycle has resulted in wet Lomi Earth, this is likely caused by the addition of too much fruit or starchy foods.
Fruit is especially good at retaining water as they are high in sugar, so be sure to balance your fruit and vegetables.

Another example is the addition of processed or cooked food waste in Grow Mode. Grow Mode is meant only for fresh, uncooked, unprocessed food waste. To solve this, you can add more fresh food waste and run your Lomi Bloom on Eco-Express for a full cycle, which will help dry out any excess moisture!

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