Blinking WiFi Light

With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth-capable technology, Lomi Bloom allows you to track your impact as you create more Lomi Earth and divert more food waste from landfills.


During the initial setup, you may notice that your WiFi light is blinking. The WiFi light will blink BLUE for up to 1 hour.

If, after an hour there is no successful connection, WiFi will remain off. To turn WiFi on, press the button 5 times.

After your Lomi is connected to WiFi, the WiFi light will remain on.


If your Lomi loses WiFi connection, the WiFi light will flash blue to indicate it is trying to reconnect.

If Lomi cannot successfully reconnect after 10 minutes, the light will flash red. This can be fixed by pressing the button 5 times to turn WiFi off.

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