Using Lomi Bloom

Transform your food scraps into natural fertilizer at the push of a button!

Connect to WiFi

When you first plug in your Lomi, the WiFi light will blink BLUE for up to 1 hour.
If, after an hour there is no successful connection, WiFi will remain off. To turn the WiFi on, press the button 5 times.

Cycle Phases: A cycle is the active, running version of a Mode. Each cycle goes through three "phases" - Drying, Mixing, Cooling. 

Choose a Mode

To change modes, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. You'll see the light cycle from Eco-Express to Lomi Approved, then to Grow mode.



Eco-Express is your "default mode". Anytime you turn your Lomi on it will automatically be set to this mode. This mode is meant for general cooked or raw food waste and is the best mode for those wanting the fastest result and lowest energy consumption.

Time to complete: 3-5 hours.

What to add: Cooked food waste/leftovers, food scraps, fruits, and/or vegetables!

Lomi Earth Usage: You can add this to your green-bin (if your community has this program), or you can add it to the next cycle that you run with Lomi. You can also sprinkle this over your lawn!


Lomi Approved

This mode is meant for  We recommend a ratio of 1:10 bioplastics to food waste and to make sure that you use a LomiPod when running this mode. 

Time to complete: 5-7 hours.

What to add: Cooked food waste/leftovers and Lomi Approved packaging and products.

Lomi Earth Usage: You can add this to your green-bin or to your waste bin! 


Grow Mode

This mode runs at a low heat setting to preserve the microorganisms that are beneficial in creating nutrient rich dirt. Be sure to add a LomiPod when running this mode for best results.

Time to complete: 14-17 hours

What to add: Only uncooked fruit and vegetable waste and cannot process bioplastics or processed/cooked foods.

Lomi Earth Usage: This is the best mode for adding Lomi Earth to your garden or lawn! Be sure to mix the output of this cycle with soil at a ratio of 1:10.


Cleaning Cycle

The cleaning cycle is a super helpful feature that is exclusive to Lomi Bloom! For more information on how to use this cycle, checkout this article.


Pause a cycle by quick-pressing the button once, then press again to resume the cycle.

Note: If you remove the lid during a cycle, the cycle will be canceled, meaning that it will start from the beginning of a new cycle, not from where it had stopped.


Lomi Bloom User Interface

1. Drying Phase

2. Mixing Phase

3. Cooling Phase

4. Cleaning Cycle = 1.5 hours 

5. Lomi Approved = 5 to 7 hours

6. Eco-Express Mode = 3 to 5 hours

7. Grow Mode = 14 to 17 hours

8. WiFi 

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