Using the Cleaning Mode

Along with all of the other great features that Lomi Bloom comes with, is a cleaning cycle that makes is easy to keep your Lomi running smoothly and looking like new!

To Run the Cleaning Mode
To run the Lomi cleaning mode:
1. Empty any remaining Lomi Earth from your bucket and unplug your Lomi.
2. Once your bucket is empty, we recommend removing your bucket (or keeping it out if already out) while you add the water.
3. Add 2 litres (.5 gallons) of water - up to the fill line in the bucket.
4. Carefully place the bucket back into your Bloom, and plug the device in.
5. After your Bloom has turned on, quick-press the button 3 times to select the cleaning mode. The LED will now illuminate under the cleaning icon.
6. Press the On/Start button once to initiate the cleaning cycle. This will take 90 minutes to complete.
7. Once the cycle is complete allow for at least 10 minutes to pass in order for the bucket to cool down.*
8. Carefully remove the bucket and drain the water in your sink. Be careful when removing the lid and bucket, as it may still be hot.

Cleaning the Bucket Manually
If your bucket needs a little extra cleaning due to stubborn food waste, please follow the directions below:
1. Pull the bucket out
2. Empty any remaining debris
3. Rinse the bucket under hot water and give the bucket a good scrub to remove any extra, hardened food waste material
4. Allow the bucket to dry
5. Place the bucket back into Lomi

If you notice extra debris still under the bucket blades, that’s alright! This shouldn’t affect any subsequent mode that you run.

*Important: DO NOT open the lid while Lomi is self-cleaning as the steam from the unit can cause harm.

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