Can I Add Corn Husks and Corn Cobs to Lomi?


Lomi loves fresh fruit and vegetable waste, especially the scraps. Corn cobs should be added in sparingly, thought, since they are quite hard and need to be broken or cut in to smaller pieces to break down well.


Corn husks will break down quite easily, however you may notice that they will leave some stringy bits in the bucket once your cycle is complete. This is totally normal! All you'll need to do, to continue breaking it down, is to add more fruit and veggie waste to your bucket and then run another cycle.

The fibre in corn husks helps to protect the fruit (corn) from heat, bugs, and other harm while it's growing, so that extra fibre just takes a little bit more to break down!


When adding in any food scraps, remember to always make sure to add a diverse mix of food waste, and to cut larger food waste in to smaller pieces. This helps Lomi break down the items that are added in!

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